The Party by Lisa Hall

About author

Lisa Hall loves words, reading and everything there is to love about books. She has dreamed about being a writer since she was a little girl. After years talking about it she was brave enough to put pen to paper and write a book and let people actually read it.

Lisa lives in a small village in Kent in UK, surrounded by her towering TBR pile, a large brood of children, dogs, chickens, ponies and her long-suffering husband. She is also rather partial to eating cheese and drinking wine.

Main Characters

Rachel – the main character of the story; a woman who tells us the whole story through the book. She is a sensible but at the same time a strong woman who knows what she is doing and wants to find the truth no matter what cost she will pay.3

Gareth – a Rachel`s husband, always busy, not very social and sometimes inpatient.

Robbie – Rachel and Gareth`s son; young, trustable and polite guy.

Amy – a neighbor and Rachel`s friend.

Liz – the Rachel and Gareth`s neighbor where the new year party happened.

Ted – a friend of Rachel and Gareth, later involved in love affair with Rachel.

Sean – Ted`s son.

Aaron – a Rachel`s friend from university times and co-worker of Gareth; pretty rude person, he is later stalking to Rachel.

Carrie – a woman detective from police department.

The Story

It was the morning after New year`s party at the neighbors. The main character of the book story, Rachel, wakes up in a strange room, realize that she lost all the memory from last night.

She doesn’t know why her husband left her alone at the party. Did they row? After she finds out that she has bruises on her arms and that her friends and neighbors are behaving so vague about what happened, she realizes that some serious problems are on the way.

She decides that she will find a truth, no matter what cost she will pay for it. Little by little Rachel puts pieces together about the devastating events that took place in a friend`s house, at a party where she should be safe.

Actually everyone remembers what happened that night but differently and everyone has something to hide. But someone knows the truth about what happened to Rachel and soon or later she will discover it.

My view and opinion

The story starts in the morning after the party. Then it continues with Rachel who is searching for the man who did something to her, she actually realized later that she was raped and drugged. The detective Carry gets the case, she is helpful but the police work is slow and precise. Instead of that, Rachel is searching for a suspect on her own which is a bit dangerous and also exhausting for her. She is hanging around and talk to all neighbors, asks them questions and desperately trying to catch some memory from the new year`s night.

I like the structure of the book story; by my opinion it is something unique. After the chapters of the present in the book, there are also chapters from the Rachel`s life from past, so you are able to get more clear image of things which are connected with happenings in the future.

The book is a brilliant thriller. It sucks you into it and till the end you don’t know exactly how the story is gonna finish. I don’t need to mention that I completely miss with my guess who was the suspect.

Lisa Hall is a great author and I hope she will write many good books!

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  1. Hi Luka, from the short narrative of the story, it looks quite interesting, I mean it is kinda strange for a woman to wake up in a strange room with loss of memory. Hmm, I love reading novels that are shrouded in this kind of mystery. I will love to read this novel in order to find out what actually took place in that party. The main characters has interesting names.

    • Hi Gracen, I think you would really like this book, it is really interesting and the end is unexpected. Thank you for taking your time and leave a comment.

  2. Hi Luka! After reading your review about the Party by Lisa hall I am intrigued. Lately I have heard that she is a great author. Im always looking for the next best mystery book to read. Your review is pretty compelling and Im very interested in checking this book out. This will definitely be the next book I read. Thank you so much for sharing! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Roxy! I`m glad that you like this book, I`m sure you would enjoy in reading it. Thank you for taking your time and leave a comment πŸ™‚

  3. Looking at your review, it looks like a nice book which is not too complex and enjoyable to read. Been exhausted lately from the over-complicated books I have been reading, I think I need something entertaining and light. Thank you for your review, and for the recommendation. I look forward to buying it. Thank you!

    • Hi, I apprecaiet that you like my review. This book is not hard to understand so if you`ll read it I hope you`ll enjoy. Thank you for positive opinion and for leaving a comment πŸ™‚

  4. Hello Luka,

    I have read your article the party by lisa hall but i am not fully satisfied by your article because i did not get enough idea about the story but it is interesting, it will be great if you publish the entire story, i am curious to know the full story, it will be happily appreciated if you publish the whole story. thanks in advance.

    • Hi, I know, my review was a bit short but that was my purpose. I didn`t want to tell everything cause in that case some things later in book wouldn`t be interesting. Thank you for your suggestion anyway and thanks for leaving a comment.

  5. Lisa Hall sounds like she has an adventurous life with all of those animals! I also love cheese and wine, so we have that in common, haha.You mentioned that the book hooks you and keeps you reading until the end to find out what happened to Rachel. I’m curious now just from reading your review!That being said, the situation is a sad one. I have a friend who was a victim of a similar situation, and it took her several years to feel some semblance of normalcy and to be able to date again.This book seems relevant in this day of the #metoo movement and more sexual predators being prosecuted.Thanks for sharing this timely book.

    • Hi Jerimy, I appreciate that my review gets your attention about that book. You mentioned that your friend had simmilar experience, that`s horrible…sad that such things actually happens. Thank you for taking your time and leave a comment.

  6. Hi Luka,

    Nice, structured review, thanks for sharing this book with us. I am honest when telling you that I would not have heard about this book otherwise so again, thanks. How do you come across these not very well known / not yet popular books? Is this on Amazon? I don’t have Prime but might subscribe for Prime Reading or get a Kindle if it was on Amazon, if you know what I mean…

    Anyways, I have bookmarked your site and will visit back regularly. 



    • Hi Greg, nice to hear that my review makes this book interesting to you. I heard for this book on Pinterest and I checked it on the web then. It is on Amazon too for sure. Thank you for taking your time and leaving a comment πŸ™‚

  7. Lisa Hall is not an author I have heard of, and so i was slightly dismissive of reading a book review of her work. I generally only partially pay attention to book reviews of authors I know or am aware of, and then only fleetingly as generally, I am not interested in having my view coloured by someone else before I can read the book and then form my own opinion. Then I usually become very interested in finding out what others have made of it.

    Having said all that I thought your review was well done and sympathetic to the author, and written in such a way that i was drawn in and genuinely wanted to find out what your conclusion was.

    Well done

    • Hi, I`m glad that my review gets your positive impression adn thank you for your comment!

  8.  This is quite an interesting story in the genre of Agatha Christie, a suburban crime with all different people coming under suspicion.

    Rachel appears to have been the victim of a clever rapist ,probably using ro-hypnol given in a drink. according to her symptoms.

    As with most neighbourhood parties there seems to have been quite a crowd and a lot of drink

    Of course if a couple slipped away nobody would be too concerned

    As Rachel and the policewoman Carrie investigate, as usual people lie, to cover up their own secrets.

    This is the kind of mystery detective story that I like.  No one knows who the criminal is but many suspect various people who could very likely be the culprit, and the suspense is quite intense.

    These are kinds of books I like reading.

    • Hi Robert, you actually get very good conclusion about this book, thank you very much for you opinion.

  9. I read your whole story The party by lisa Hall. it’s pretty amazing i enjoyed it. If it was bit bigger, I’d read more for fun. It make me a little bit of afraid. I love mysterious stories, next i want to be a thriller one.I want more of this stories.

    Thank you for everything. 

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