New Books Releases of Crime and Thrillers for January and February

Here they are! The new releases of crime and thriller books for the January and February. I hope you`ll find some good ideas what to read and get stuck for a while in books again. Enjoy in reading! 🙂

The Chestnut Man (Soren Sveistrup)

This is the thriller from tradition of classic Stieg Larsson, surrounded with thrilling atmosphere and charged with adrenaline. After you start to read this book you want to read it instantly and you`ll gulp down every word.

The story begins with a terrible police discovery in a suburb of Copenhagen. There is a young woman who has been killed and dumped at the playground. One of her hands was cut off and above her hangs a small doll made of chestnuts.

Naia Thulin is a young detective who is assigned the case. Her partner Mark Hess is a burned-out investigator who is just being kicked out of Europol’s headquarters in The Hague. They soon discover a mysterious piece of evidence on the chestnut doll – this evidence connecting it to a girl who went missing a year earlier and is presumed dead, the daughter of a politician Rosa Hartung. One man confessed to her murder so the case was solved a long time ago.

Meanwhile, another woman is found murdered with the same chestnut doll. Detectives Thulin and Hess suspect there`s a connection with a Hartung case, the murdered woman and a killer. Detectives begins a race against time because it`s clear that murderer is on a mission not far away…

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The Man With No Face (Peter May)

This is a powerful and prescient thriller book from the million-selling author of books; I`ll Keep You Safe, Coffin Road and The Blackhouse.

A reporter with no fear
Brussels 1979. The Jaded Edinburgh journalist Neil Bannerman arrives to the capital of European politics intend to dig up dirt. But there comes the danger when two British men are found murdered.

A child with no father
One victim is journalist, the other a Cabinet Minister; the double-assassination witnessed by the former`s autistic daughter. This girl recalls every detail about her father`s killer-except for one.

The man with no face
When Brussels is rocked by the horror tragedy, Bannerman is compelled to follow his instincts. He is fighting to expose a murderous conspiracy, protect a helpless child and unmask a remorseless killer.

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Battle Sight Zero (Gerald Seymour)

The book Battle Sight Zero is a searing novel about trust and betrayal in the fight against terrorism.

The Kalashnikov AK47 is a weapon with a unique image, it is a symbol of freedom for fighters and terrorists across the world. In the hands of fanatics, at crowded places it can bring death and mutilation to many people in just a few seconds. MI5 have struggled for years to keep this rifle out of Britain.

Andy Knight is a truck driver. Last year he was doing something different and had another name. If he survives, next year he will be somebody else again. The lonely life of under covered officer is full of dangers.

Andy became friend with Zeinab, a young Muslim student from a small Yorkshire town who is a central part of a murderous extremist plot. Connections have been made through a veteran Manchester gangster with a source of AK47 in the impoverished, drug-ridden, high rise estates of Marseilles.

If Zeinab can find a driver and bring one rifle home on a test run, much more things will follow; this is the nightmare scenario for security forces. Zeinab is passionate and attractive and Andy had drilled him that the golden rule of undercover work is not to get emotionally close to the target. But sometimes the rules are difficult or impossible to obey.

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Lost Lives : an authentic crime thriller from a real police detective (Lisa Cutts)

This is an unputdownable new crime novel, written by an author with expert knowledge and authenticity and with over twenty years policing experience.

When Anna arrives to UK she believes this will be a start of better life for her and for her daughter. But what is happening to her later is so shocking, that she never would think about it.

Detective Harry Powell investigates the shooting but the victim remains in silence. He struggles to collect together the poor amount of information he has and then he stumbles upon operation that may put many lives at risk across the country.

While Anna`s situation is getting more and more dangerous Harry is forced his overstretched team to limits to find the truth. But for one of them will that be already too late?

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Evil Things (Katja Ivar)

This book is a Nordic Noir set in the Finnish Lapland and also a historical thriller about cold war. The main character in a book is Hella Mauzer, the first ever woman Inspector in Finland in the Helsinki Homicide Unit.

Because Hella was far `too emotional` for her job, her superiors reassigned her. Two years later she starts to work for the Ivalo police department in Finnish Lapland. The main inspector Jarvi was a man who was more interested in police statistics and in his social life than in police work.

Meanwhile, they receive a letter from Irja Waltari, a priest`s wife from the village of Kaarmela which is on the Soviet border. In a letter she informs them about disappearing of Erno Jokinen, a local from that village. Hella grabs the chance to investigate but Jarvi doesn’t share her opinion that the crime is involved.

When she arrived to Kaarmel she meet with priest and his wife. In the forest there is a body discovered and Hella is now sure the crime has been committed. But what she doesn’t know is that the small village is harboring another crime, crime which is so horrible that no one could imagine…

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Scrublands (Chris Hammer)

`Stunning …Scrublands is that rare combination, a page-turner what stays long in the memory` Sunday Times (Crime Book of the Month). This is the No. 1 crime bestseller in Australia.

In an isolated country town Riversend which is ravaged by drought, young, charismatic priest opens fire on his congregation, killing five man before being shot dead himself.

A year later a journalist Martin Scarsden arrives to Riversend to write an article on the anniversary of tragedy. But the story which the locals told to him by doesn’t fit with the accepted version of happenings there. Just as Martin believes he is making headway a shocking discovery rocks the town. In the scrublands they found the bodies of two backpackers who were missing since the time of massacre. The Riversend town appears in media and Martin is the one fully in charge as a journalist.

Wrestling with his own demons Martin risks everything to uncover a truth that becomes more complex with every step forward. He needs to fight with powerful forces determined to stop him and he has no idea how far they will go to hide a secret.

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Murder Mile (Lynda La Plante)

The book story is set in November in 1979, they called it also the ‘Winter of Discontent’. Economic chaos has led to widespread across Britain.

Jane Tennison, a Detectiv Sergeant has been posted to Peckham CID, one of the London`s toughest areas. The rubbish on the streets start to pile up, so does the murder count; they find two bodies in as many days. It seems weird cause there is no pattern in each case of a murder and no suspects.

The only link between both deaths is the location. Three days later there is another murder in the same area. Press headlines became loud then with headlines of a serial killer.

Jane is under intense pressure to catch the killer before they strike again. She has to deal with long hours with too little sleep and what she uncovers leaves her doubting her own mind.

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Bloody January (Alan Parks)

The book story which is winding from money elite to hipster music groups to brutal gangs of the urban field, this book brings to life the dark unbelly of 1970s Glasgow and introduces a dark new voice in Scottish Noir.

In the middle of a day in one busy Glasgow street there is a double shooting. A teenage boy shoots young woman dead and then commits suicide. After detective Harry McCoy arrives on the scene of crime he is sure about one thing. It wasn’t the random act of violence.

With his new partner in tow, McCoy uses his underworld connections to led the investigation but soon against a secret society led by Glasgow`s wealthiest family, the Dunlops. McCoy`s boss doesn’t want him to investigate but McCoy has other ideas…

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The House of Silk (Anthony Horrowitz)

‘Horowitz has captured Holmes Heaven’ (The Times). The House of Silk was the first official new Sherlock Holmes mystery and a Sunday Times best-seller.

In November 1890 London is gripped by merciless winter. Sherlock Homes and Dr. Watson are drinking tea in warm place when suddenly they are disturbed by an agitated gentleman who arrives to 221b Baker Street. He begs Holmes for help, tells the story about scar-faced man with pierced eyes who has stalked him in last few weeks.

Holmes and Watson are intrigued and they soon find themselves drawn into series of puzzling and sinister events, stretching from the gas-lit streets of London to the criminal underworld of Boston and the mysterious `House of Silk`.

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  1. Hello, I must confess you’ve got my kind of taste for book selection. The man with no face and Lost lives on my list.I already have battle sight zero and I love every bit of it. I don’t if you can help find a way to get some old books. I’m so bookmarking this page. Thanks

  2. Thank you sharing these amazing book with their short review. There is something about crime book like “Chestnut Man” that I really love because it always keeps me on the my toes with suspense in it to read it word for word. I will like to read that ‘A Man With No Face” too because it involves in politics too

  3. This is an excellent post, thank you. I can tell that you’ve written each review yourself and not just taken the blurb from the back of the book, which is really refreshing. I’m a huge fan of Lynda la Plante and of the character Jane Tennison (played on TV’s Prime Suspect by Helen Mirren of course) so I’d be very keen to get reading this and most of the other recommendations. Great post, keep it up 🙂

    • I tried my best but especially about new books releases there are usually some limited info about the book content. Thank you for your comment and for positive opinion 🙂

  4. Hello Luka,

    I love to read and this is my favourite genre. The Chestnut Man and The Man with no Face really caught my attention but they all look good. Can’t wait to read a few of these in the very near future. Thanks for sharing!! I see they are also available on Kobo which is great!

  5. greetings to youthank you for the distribution of these books that you have chosen me important from reading these writings that you wrote to me very much through these books I have read previously I am now looking to buy these books and I will read through some books seem a little frightening

  6. Hello Luka, 

    What beautiful books you show in your article, about all lovers of thrillers and suspense. I would like to give my lady one of all those who show up since she loves the theme. 

    I’ll wait for her to arrive at my house so she can choose one that she likes, following the link in each book. Thank you very much for sharing. 

    Regards! Claudio

    • Hi Claudio,

      I really appreciate that you like my article and that you found some ideas what to read.

      Thank you for your comment!

  7. It is many years back that I have read a lot of mystery books, especially during winter times. I started reading again this winter season, mostly non-fictional books.

    However, I still grave those mystery novels and by researching for it I stumbled over your site.

    I must say, the review of all of the books are fantastic but my favorites right now are The House of Silk, love Sherlock Holmes, then Evil things and Lost Lives.

    I am happy to start reading these thrillers again, thank you for sharing it.

    Your site is also saved!

    • Hi Sylvia,

      I understand you, for books you need to take your time and usually there is never enough time 😉 This is my opinion. Anyway, I`m glad you got some ideas what to read in my post.
      Thank you very much for taking your time and for leaving me a comment.


  8. Great review of these books. I love to read but lately my vision has not been so great so haven’t really been reading so much. I really like Peter May “The man with no face”, and “Lost lives by Lisa Cutts. “Evil things” sounds interesting. Are these books availabe online? I like reading on my tablet as I can make the text bigger. I have also recently been listening to a lot of audio books so would like to know if these are available in audio book format as well? Thank you!

    • Hi, thank you for taking your time and leave a comment. Actually I just add links of eBooks in this article, so check this post once again. Actually I didn`t notice any audio editions of these books yet.
      Enjoy in reading!

  9. Thanks for sharing these books. I do read books to refresh my mind and to always remain updated about happenings around and in the world of knowledge. The Chestnut Man and the Man with no Face really caught my attention and will as well recommend them for my friends to read as well. Thanks alot. 

    • Hi, thank you very much for taking your time and leave a comment. I`m glad if you find some good ideas for reading for you or maybe for your friends.
      best regards

  10. I  read the topic. This is an excellent article. the writer has introduced many books within shot views yourself. I thank the writer for the post. and I want to tell him . you will write like this post.  there is much information about various kinds of book. Everybody can get so much knowledge from the post.

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