Good Books to Read to Children

In one of my previous articles I was talking about reading, how important effects it has on humans, this is specially important for children, cause they are in the period of learning and developing their skills. It is proven that reading improves and helps along the process of cognitive development at children. Now my focus is on children`s books. I have a few suggestions which books should be really good for children to start this year, I hope you`ll find some ideas for you, I mean for your children 🙂

The Wonky Donkey (Craig Smith)

Recommendable age of children to read this book: 3 to 5

The Wonky Donkey book is based on children`s song which was award-winning song. It contains many illustrations and hilarious lyrics and is gonna be really attractive for children, it will make them laugh. Each page in a book tells something different about the Donkey.

I`m almost sure that also adults will find this book amazing, but I really can’t say for sure who will laugh more, children, or parents 😉 The free song about the Donkey isn’t available in the book, you can find it on the YouTube.

Link to a book: The Wonky Donkey

Look Inside Your Body (Louie Stowel)

Recommendable age of children to read this book: 3 to 5

The Look Inside Your Body is a beautiful book which introduces to children human body on the very fun and informative way. Its size is in small format, which perfectly fits to little children`s fingers.

It includes lifting flaps, the children of that age are usually very excited about that and that means this book will keep their minds entertaining. I think that young readers will have fun when they learn how their brains work, what happens when they eat and other things about human body. They will probably have many questions about it, so be ready!

Link to a book: Look Inside Your Body

The Wonderful Things You Will Be (Emily Martin)

Recommendable age of children to read this book: 3 to 5

This book is a New York Times best-seller, it is a book which honors dreams, acceptance and love from parents to their children, it is a growing-up poem.

In this book author expresses all the loving things which are in thoughts of parents when they take care of their child. It concludes with double gate fold drawn as a proscenium-style curtain, that reveals a group of unusual costumed children (a robot, a pencil, a log) to show the idea of becoming “anybody/ The Wonderful Things You Will Be is definitely a great gift for any occasion, such as `baby shower`, birthday or graduation.

Link to a book: The Wonderful Things You Will Be

The Tiger Who Came to Tea (Judith Keer)

Recommendable age of children to read this book: 3 to 5

This is the classic book story of Sophie and her extraordinary guest Tiger. The story was first published in 1968 and since then it was never out of print. The story is beautiful and it`s been read by millions of children. This intimate book is just perfect to read to small children aloud.

The story begins when Sophie and her mom are sitting down to tea and then suddenly doorbell rings. They wonder who could it be and they certainly expect anyone else than a big, furry, stripy tiger who appears at the door. The tiger is welcomed and invited to the house as a guest.

Link to a book: The Tiger Who Came To Tea

What Do You Do With a Problem? (Kobi Mayada)

Recommendable age of children to read this book: 6 to 8

“What do you do with a problem? Especially one that follows you around and doesn’t seem to be going away? This book contains a story about persistent problem and a child who is never sure how to deal with it. Story shows that the longer the problem is ignored, the bigger it gets. But when the child finally find a courage to deal with a problem it turns to be something completely different.

This book has an important educational and psychological view about dealing with problems and I`m sure children will learn something from it and perhaps we, the adult people too.

Link to a book: What Do You Do With A Problem

The Book With No Pictures (Boris J. Novak)

Recommendable age of children to read this book: 6 to 8

This is by my opinion one of the most innovative and unique books. The concept of The Book With No Picture is that the book has no pictures, but believe me or not, it is a must have book for children and it is not boring at all.

Its has its own concept; everything what is written on the pages has to be saying aloud by the person who reads it, even if there are some weird, funny and hardly speaking words. I don’t really need to tell you that reading of this book could be very funny, the book gets a smile on child`s face for sure.

Link to a book: The Book With No Pictures

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  1. I’m such a massive reader myself and I agree that reading is so good for the soul, so for chrdren to read from early can only set them up for a good life, I think it will help them with education and well as the ability to learn a lot more. These books are great for reading to your child! And helping them start to read. 

  2. Thank you for sharing with us this article on good books to read for children.Reading books helps people enjoy what they read and most of the time find some moral lessons from the books.

    Books like The Tiger Who Came to Tea make children laugh but teach them some lessons like love for animals…

    I will read to my son some of those recommended books because he loves sleeping while I am reading story for him.

  3. We all have to admit that we love to see our little kids smile. Their smiles are so bright that it can light up your day like a Christmas tree. One of the ways to make kids smile is reading to them books with funny pictures and also demonstrating it. They get a hang of this and it makes them smile and even start laughing. 

    From this list, my number one pick would be the Wonkey Donkey. From the cover alone it seems it is going to have some really fun pics and illustrations that can put a smile on my babies face. Who knows, I might also get a hang of it and it might also end up putting a smile on my face.

    • Hi Jay, good to hear your opinion and I agree, Wonky Donkey is a really fun book 😉 Thank you for your comment.

  4. WIth 4 little ones, I am always on the lookout for good books. One can never have too many good books, at least that’s what I find, when we get good new books my kids can sit for hours reading. We got Look Inside Your Body just the other week and we love it. My kids read it for an hour yesterday, its really informative yet still child-friendly at the same time.

    I have never heard of The Book With no Pictures but it sounds like a cute one, definitely want it. Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. I’m a man who believes in Knowledge from book source, hence I encourage any little kid out there who actually has an interest in picking up a book and reading. Knowledge gained from reading books especially by kids helps them improve their proficiency and creativity. That’s why Most of these book the kids read are usually colorful and bright to spark up their brains.

    • I agree with you about importance of knowledge source from books and thank you for your comment.

  6. Thank you for sharing information about all the books here! I’m finding some kids friendly book as a gift for my niece, and there are a lot of inspiring book to take. I want to give her educational book, so Look Inside Your Body seems a good choice for her. Is it a series (like the Why series)? I’m personally also interested with that last book, because the concept is rather unique. Maybe I will buy it for myself first and later give it to my niece 🙂

    • I appreciate that you find some good ideas for childrens book from my list. Look Inside Your Body is a good choice, it is from a `Look Inside` series, so there are also other educational books there. Thank you for your comment!

  7. Hi Luka! You did great by reviewing on good books to read to children. Often times we get carried away with adult books that we hardly had time to choose great and educating books for our kids. Not only have you taken time to list them out, you have also done a little description of each together with the right age to read each books. 

    This is very nice as it will help parents to quickly pick the ones that will be most suitable for their kids. I am bookmarking your page for future reference, thanks a lot.

    • Hi Gracen, I really appreciate that you like my website and this article, thank you very much for taking your time and leave a comment.

  8. This is a fascinating article. You’re right; children need to read for them to be fully developed. I remembered growing up reading a lot of novel books. I use to read a lot of science fiction books right after school.

    I would run down to the book store and just read different books. Those were perfect times. Thank you for this article, this has shed light and has given me back memories of me reading as a child.

  9. Hi Luka,

    Thank your for writing this wonderful review of good books which is for children. I have seen many books which are colorful and with graphics illustration are very interested to my kids. I always buy for them which is very interesting with image and graphics. My elder daughter likes  the story book of colorful graphics. I think “The tiger who came to tea” will be very interesting for my daughter. I am going to buy that book for her. Thanks for sharing this helpful review.

    • Hello, I appreciate that you like my article, the Tiger Who Came to Tea is definitely a good choice for your daughter. Thank you for taking your time and leave a comment.

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