Giving book as a gift in December

It`s December and soon there will be Christmas and the New Year. It`s time of the year when we usually spend much more money than the rest of the year 🙂 Actually I want to say that in many countries of the world this is the time when we usually buy some more things than in other months. One of those things are definitely gifts.

Gifts can be in several forms; food, drink, clothes, electronic devices…and of course books! Because books are my specialized topic I have a few suggestions what book can you buy someone for a gift. I chose 5 books from each of 5 categories, I hope you`ll find something for you.

Children books

Amazing World Atlas: Bringing the World to Life by Lonely Planet

I think this book from Lonely Planet is something very recommendable for children. Lonely Planet is very trusted company and the world`s leading travel guide publisher. The content of this Amazing World Atlas is something which will not only feed their curiosity but also educate them in knowing the world they live in.

This atlas is exactly what I`m talking about. It contains 160 pages of illustrated maps, including info graphics, amazing photography and a large dose of humor. There are topics such as popular culture, sports and school life. This will really bring the world to life for children. The book is preferred for children aged 8 years and up.

The book contains more than 300 beautiful photographs and over 50 illustrated maps. And what I see as really important here, there is no doubt about book`s quality. This is a perfect book gift for every child.

Click to purchase: Amazing World Atlas: Bringing the World to Life

Contemporary Fiction Novels

The Travelling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa

It`s not the journey it counts but who`s at your side. The story is narrated by Nana, a stray cat who was hit by car in accident and then taken by young man called Satoru, while he recuperates. In next decade Nana have food, warm bed and the friendly human. A cat is always ready to leave at moment`s notice but he grows fond of his new master and decided to stay.

Some years later things in Satoru life changes and regretfully he has to give Nana away. They went on the road trip over Japan without Nana knowing where they are going. All that matters for Nana is to sit beside his owner Satoru in the front seat of his silver car. The only purpose why they are travelling seems to be visit of his three old friends, in fact Nana is led to believe so.

The story is settled in Japan`s changing seasons and narrated with a bit gentleness and sense of humor. Nana`s story discovers the wonder of life unexpected detours. It shows us the value of friendship and love, which can completely transform our lives. The most important journey is the one that shows us how to follow our hearts.

Click to purchase: The Travelling Cat Chronicles

Books about Geopolitics

Emergency Sex (And Other Desperate Measures) : True Stories From a War Zone by Kenneth Cain, Heidi Postlewait and Dr. Andrew Thomson

In the early 1990 three young people are on the way to change their lives and perhaps the world as well. They are attracted and they join to the global peacekeeping work for the UN. Kenneth, Heide and Andrew`s paths cross in Cambodia. There their fates became inextricably linked.

Over the coming years their stories are intertwined through countries as Rwanda, Bosnia, Somalia, Haiti…actually the war-torn and lawless places where the UN intervention is required. They are driven by idealism and they are trying hard to do the best what they can, but many times they are caught in bureaucracy and ineffectual leadership. They ask hard questions about the world order US created and the true power of UN. Even in such circumstances they are still able to keep hold their humanity through black humor, revelry and `emergency sex.`

This book explores and discovers pressing global issues while never losing sense of personality. It is deeply critical of West`s indifference and hypocrisy over developing countries. We see also how the UN`s repeated failure to intervene decisively are ruining its achieving goals. The general secretary of UN at that time, Kofi Anan called for the book to be banned and debate was opened about the future direction of the UN.

Click to purchase: Emergency Sex (and Other Desperate Measures): True Stories from a War Zone

Crime / thriller books

Elevation by Stephen King

The story is happening in a Castle Rock, a town where sooner or later everyone knows everything about others. That`s why Scott Carey tells only one his friend Doctor Bob Ellis about his weird condition. He is losing weight, without getting thinner and with no difference if he is in clothes or without.

Scott has also new neighbors – lesbians, one of the women is friendly; the other, cold as ice. Scott is engaged in a battle with them, because their dog regularly drops his business on Scott’s lawn. The lesbian couple are trying to open the new restaurant but the people of Castle Rock are not happy with that, they don’t exactly fit in with the community’s expectations. When the town is preparing for its annual Thanksgiving run, Scott starts to understand the prejudices his neighbors face and he tries to help.

This is a fresh novel from mastermind story writer Stephen King. The novel at first sight looks like something to read for leisure or something you can read in few hours, but on the other hand we see that it is pretty philosophical and complexed, it is an antidote to our divisive culture.

Click to purchase: Elevation

Classic books

Animal Farm by George Orwell

‘All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others.’ Does this remind you on something? Could we say that also for people?

The story is placed on Manor Farm. The owner of the farm is Mr. Jones, he is rude, lazy and often drunk and he doesn’t care much about his animals on the farm. Ensuing rebellion under the leadership of pigs leads to animals take over the farm. Animals decided to eliminate the terrible inequities of the farmyard and renamed it to Animal Farm which is organized and ordered to benefit for all who walk on four legs. But after some time, the ideals of their revolt seems to be gone, their organization became corrupt and authoritarian.

This book is the most thought-provoking piece of literature I have ever read. It is a history of revolution which went wrong and It shows how a people’s fight for freedom can quickly morph into a power play and became chaos. The Animal Farm is brilliant and timeless, it makes you think about it.

Click to purchase: Animal Farm



  1. I love getting a nice book to read for Christmas and also I like to get my kids a nice book as reading is important.

    You have given us a good selection of books to choose in your post for different age groups.

    I would certainly choose Elevation by Stephen King and for the kids I would like to choose the world atkascs I believe the content would be engaging for them and hold their interest.

  2. Great idea! I love to read and it surprises me that I didn’t think of sending a book to some of the people on my shopping list. I have read Animal Farm and thought it was an incredible book. Maybe I’ll send that one to my friend that lives on the other side of the country from me. Then, not only will I be sharing a book that I like but it will give us an excuse to stay in touch more.

  3. Giving books as gifts especially for children is a woderful thoughtful gesture. Not only does it serve the initial reaction as a gift but it fosters life long learning nd exploring. Nothing better in my book (pun intended )than giving the give of imagination and learning. This holds true throughout your life no matter if a child,teen,young adult,or seniors. Books make wonderful gifts. Love your selection too. Big fan of Stephen King’s 

    • I appreciate that you share the same opinion with me about books and that you found something interesting in my blog. Thank you for your comment!

  4. What a great list of books! I’d love to get any one of them for Christmas as a gift. Being a cat lady, I think my favorite choice would be “The Travelling Cat Chronicles.” Maybe that would give me insight into what my cats could possibly be thinking about? 

    I also love Stephen King, so that could be a great one. It definitely doesn’t sound like his typical style!

    Animal Farm is a book I’ve been wanting to read for some time. You just reminded me that I need to get on top of that! 

    Thanks for these awesome picks!

    • Hey Christina! Thank you for your comment, I appreciate that you found something interesting to read here. By the way…in The Travelling Cat Chronicles I think you could really get an insight into cat`s thinking 😉 Enjoy in reading!

  5. Such an amazing article!.. I for one read a lot of books and my son loves books too which I think he got from me, lol. This was such an amazing review of the ‘Amazing world Atlas’ in the children books section. I’m very sure my son would love this book and I am taking your recommendation and purchasing this book specially for him as one of his gifts this Christmas… Thank you.

    • Hi Solomon! Thank you for your opinion, I`m glad you find some books interesting and now you have an idea to buy it or to go to library.

  6. Luka, thank you for this really interesting list of suggestions for books to give as gifts.   I recently opened a shop that includes a book section.   So, I have started trying to keep up with what other people are suggesting and why.    

    Your children’s book choice “Amazing World Atlas: Bringing the World to Life” by Lonely Planet would make a great gift for my grandson.   It would hopefully help develop his interest in the world around him.  

    I am concerned that “The Traveling Cat” might end up sad since Nana’s owner is going to have to find him a new home.  I was a bit sad just reading your review.   

    I live near a small town called Castle Rock that has races every so often.   So, I almost think it would be interesting to read the book to see if the Colorado town of Castle Rock, might have inspired the location of the story in “Elevation.”  

    I have not read the classic that you selected for the gift list in decades.   Now that I am an adult, I would like to read “Animal Farm” again.  I have found that I enjoy the classics more as an adult that I did when they were required reading in high school.   

    Thanks for sharing this excellent collection of books that would make great gifts.   

    • Hi Sondra!
      Thank you for your comment, nice to see someone really takes a time for it. You have a shop which includes also book section, that`s nice, I wish you success with the shop.
      The Travelling Cat Chronicles it is a bit sad but not so much, it is worth to read it. Anyway, I really appreciate if you find something for you in my blog.

  7. Hello Luka,

    Thanks for these great book gift ideas for the holiday season! I will take some of these into consideration. I am definitely interested in the Animal Farm classic book. It looks like a very interesting thriller. 

    I’m looking into reading more books as I like thrillers and action/adventure books. It looks like this is your niche. I was just wondering how you got started with this area of expertise? 

    I would call myself a casual reader. I used to be a lot more involved in reading and more up to date with the latest books. Now I scramble to find time to read and only want to read very good stories. I feel like there are so many great books to read and not enough time. I have gotten to the point where I listen to more audio books in the car while traveling just to save time and multitask. 

    Thanks for the great insights and reviews of each book. I appreciate the great value that you have provided in this article and will definitely come back soon. Have a great and happy holidays!

    • Hi Daniel!
      Thank you for taking your time and leaving a comment. I agree, Animal Farm is very good book, it makes you think. I know how it is, for reading books you need to take your time. I used to read a lot, now I read less, but I still try to do it when it`s possible.
      Yes, my niche is about books. I didn`t start so long ago, you can check my website. Books are something what I really like and that`s why I`m able to be engaged in this topic.
      have a great and happy holidays too!

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