7 reasons why reading books is important

We have all might heard things about reading and maybe it sounds now as cliche, but there are really interesting facts why reading books is important and why it has such a positive impacts on humans. Some facts are even scientific proved. Well, I didn’t make research about it on my own so I can just say that if you don’t believe it, then try it!


Reason 1 : Reading reduce stress.

When we read a book, we somehow need to stop and calm down. You can’t read a book while you are arguing with somebody, while you are stuck in a traffic jam or while your children jumping over your head. Right? So it is clear that you need some extra time to stop and take a time to read. The other important reason is that when you read, you focus on the content of a book and you forget other worrying things. Sometimes the book just suck you into it. The bookworms know what I`m talking about.

Reason 2 : Reading develops critical thinking.

By my opinion this is the most important thing about reading books. Especially this is important if we read some serious books and I`ll tell you why… The book is giving us information and when we read our brains automatically process these informations. So when we read, we also think and judge about reading content.

Here I would like to make a comparison with TV or any other video content. In this case you see informations which are directly set up in front of you and put it into your mind. There you actually don’t need much to think about it. That`s why on such way of giving informations it is very easily to manipulate with people, multinational companies and governments like it for sure.

Reason 3 : Giving knowledge.

I don’t exaggerate if I say that in books is all knowledge of this world. Just think about it…practically all topics and things are in books. Our whole life is too short to read all books, but `luckily` we are interested only in some specific topics. How to do it? You just need to take the time and read a book. Simple, right? OK, if I`m honest it is not so simple if you`re always busy. But people take a time for things which are important for them.

Reason 4 : Reading improves our health condition.

Important thing about reading books is affect on our health. From child ages maybe you all remember advice of parents, school teachers or even doctors who were telling us how `reading is good for you`. Scientists have proved that reading can lower our blood pressure and increase brain power.

There were also researches about diseases which affects brain, such as dementia and Alzheimer disease. Symptoms of both diseases are memory loss, forgetting things and losing social skills. It is proven that these mental conditions can be prevented if brains are stimulated very often. One of such recommendable activity is definitely reading books.

Reason 5 : Reading has positive effects on our intelligence.

Like it was mentioned before, reading have effects on our brains, it heightens brain connectivity. Like we know for reading you need determination, patience and diligence. The people who read have more open mind, they are more empathic and know how to think with their own head. I guess in ordinary life such people make better choices.

Reason 6 : Reading is good and cheap free time activity.

Anyway…we all need to admit that reading books is free and cheap hobby. You just go to the library, borrow a book and then read it. I shouldn’t forget some very good thing in reading books, you can take it anywhere. It has big value, and it`s not popular for thieves, what seems to me very nice.

Of course, you can also buy a book, and then it`s forever yours!

Reason 7 : Reading has very important effects on children.

We shall not forget on our children, our future. The sooner children start reading, the better it is for them. It is scientific proved that reading improves and helps along the process of cognitive development. When you read something to your child, you show him knowledge for his young world, it helps him to start understand what he sees, hears and feels. In this process the child`s brain are high stimulated. There were also more studies which show that for students who were reading much before pre school are more possibility to do well their formal education.


Books are timeless. People invented papyrus in Ancient Egypt but first printed books appeared in China somewhere around 7th till 9th century. Since then till the modern ages, books became more and more developed and accessible, now we can also have digital books which we can buy online.

Book will definitely survive us and will be here for us, until the Earth will exist, probably another 5 millions years.



  1. I remember growing up hearing the saying “Reading maketh a full man (or woman)” and it stuck with me because it is very true. Reading allows you to see varying perspectives other than your own and oftentimes you can learn from other people’s experiences. I used to be an avid reader growing up, but as time went on and life happened, it got harder and harder to commit to reading.
    Now I am reading a book a month and when I say that I feel like a well rounded person after reading just a few chapters I mean it really does. It takes me out of my box and allows me to see things a different way. It takes up a lot of time, but it is truly time well spent.

    Thanks for sharing.
    I am truly enlightened.

  2. Awesome article. And how true books are timeless. I can travel to Europe this week and to Alaska next week. Without leaving my home. I can be on a cattle drive in Colorado in the middle of an Indian raid. Almost feeling the whoosh of the arrow as it flies into its target. All without ever leaving my comfy recliner. Non- readers have no idea all there missing. I guess you can tell I’m an avid reader. And an advocate for Literacy always. Thanks for your awesome article.

  3. Excellent article! I agree with all the reasons. Reading books relax your mind and help in critical thinking. Everyone should make reading books as a habit. Thanks for this great post!

  4. I loved the article. I hated reading for a long time. Everything changed when I went to college. During my time in college, I had to do a lot of reading in order to pass classes. After a while, I learned to love reading. Now I love to just read anything, especially health-related topics. It helps to calm me down and relieve my stress. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Hi Lukc,
    This article was insightful. I just stared my habit of reading and I have noticed that I feel more calm and relaxed both during, as well as after, my reading session. Thank you for sharing this article and I look forward to reading more of them. Would you considered putting in some book reviews?

    • Hi Lila,
      Nice to know that my article was insightful for you! Actually yes, I`ll probably put some other bookreviews on my page.

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