1984 by George Orwell

Even most people probably know this book, I want to introduce my review of one of the most classic books, and one of my favourite either; 1984 by George Orwell. By genre, it is dystopian, political fiction. Novel was published in 1949 but was set to 1984, when the propaganda and government surveillance was something very common.

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After the global war the world was divided to three superstates. The book is showing a life of a man in totalitarian regime in Great Britain, the province of superstate Oceania. It is ruled by `Party` and employed by Thought police, which persecute each independent thinking and individualism. The Party leader is `Big Brother` who represents idol and cult of personality. The main character in this novel is Winston Smith, a well ranked member of a Party and good skilled worker but he secretly hates the State institution and their leader. He secretly writes his thoughts to his diary. Later in the story he has forbidden relationship with fellow employee Julia. They were caught, imprisoned in Ministry of Love and then tortured. After they were free to leave, they realized they don’t feel anything to each other. Winston discovered that he loves Big Brother.

At the end of this novel Winston realized he loves Big Brother, we should ask why? The thing is that his brains were washed and his feelings were ruined. He finally succumbed to totalitarian system of the state.

My opinion

By my opinion, the novel 1984 by George Orwell is timeless. In fact, it is representing the controlled society, propaganda, censorship and government surveillance. Most people will probably understand this only as a display of communism, fascism or nazism; the most familiar totalitarian regimes in last century. It is true actually, but I think it`s much more than that.

Now when we live in the age of internet, cameras and satellites, our privacy can be stolen any moment. The propaganda and surveillance became much more effective and sophisticated. In fact, we don’t have to live in some authoritarian regime to be controlled without we would notice. Multinational companies can make profit with collecting human personal data, they can manipulate with us in a way that we can serve their interests. Governments in democracy can also manipulate us with mass media propaganda to justify military attacks, for example as war on terror, but the thing is about resources or geostrategic interests.

I just hope that worst nightmares from this novel won’t happen. And I hope we as people might be better to think with our own heads, this is important if we want that our planet and our humanity will survive.

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  1. Hi Luka,

    Great review. I wonder what Orwell would make of the dystopian future we call ‘the present’?

    Our privacy is not only easy to steal but the fact we are all on Google, which continually tracks all your information and practically everything about you means we are completely under surveillance, one hundred per cent of the time. Digital tech, wars, and propaganda have taken many of our freedoms.

    Orwell’s vision was genius level. Many of the things he foresaw are now real.

    Keep up the good work. I’d like to read your next review too.


    • Hi Robert! Good question, I think that instead of his thoughts, he would be surprised in what time do we live.
      Thank you for your comment.

  2. Hi Luka, excellent article, and I think there are novels written long ago, but that are always in the news, and the actions seem to be repeated nowadays. I admit that I did not read the book, but you gave me a good idea of reading and for many people should give us that thought. Thank you, Vasile.

  3. Today’s post-modernist society reflects the power of propaganda and indoctrination demonstrated in 1984.  Political correctness and identity politics that is inculcated and enforced by the education system, the media and one of the major political parties has created a world well on the way to 1984 unless reasonable people can regain control.

  4. Hi there! 

    Great review. I am not sure if I ever heard about this book before today. I read a book called 11.22.63, by Stephen King, and I really enjoy it. I love to expand the American novels more. I am trying to catch up with all the classics. Will try this over the long holiday. Thanks for the review. 

  5. Hi Luka,

    Great review. Based on your review. I think this novel really has foreseen the future. As you stated. Our information was gathered or monitored by the government. Its like no way out or someone really is looking at you even when you sleep. It really shows “controlled society” and government surveillance. Thanks for the info again…

  6. Hey Luka,

    Great book and very nice review. I started the book years ago but I haven’t finished it! It’s great to know the ending now that I read your review.

    I totally agree with you about how the companies and government can manipulate us now through social media and technology. Our privacy is no longer ours, and the mobile phone can easily be hacked and our photos and contacts can be stolen with a click. 

    I think the book affected a lot of movies, and every time I see the cover I think of one movie called (equilibrium), I don’t know if you watched it. There’s a lot of similarity to the book’s story, and Christian Bale was the star.

    • Hi Hany,
      I appreciate that you like my review. I think it`s worth to take your time and read it 🙂
      Yes, I watched that movie and it was great! Thank you for your comment.

  7. Thanks for the great review Luka. The illustration this book gives of what a totalitarian regime looks like and the impact it has on people is powerful. While we continue to have totalitarian regimes or groups  that hold to totalitarian values, this book will remain timeless. It is a great reminder to society of the consequences of such harmful thinking.

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